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Emergency Drone Delivery

Who Gives a Crap is proud to introduce rapid toilet paper delivery by drone—a first in Australia, and perhaps the world!

How does it work? Simple. We have 18 drones scattered throughout all major metropolitan areas of Melbourne, ready to deliver toilet paper directly to your bathroom 24 hours a day. Simply click on the order button below when you're running low, open your bathroom window, and wait for our delivery bot to arrive. Delivery should take less than 15 minutes, so you can even order while you go!

Still Reading? April Fools! Sorry...

Drone delivery may be possible in the future, but based on an hour or so of googling, we realized that it won't be any time soon. Nevertheless, we do understand how terrible it is to run out of loo roll, which is why we've created subscription-based delivery of our toilet paper. How does it work? Simply click on one of our products below, and select your frequency of delivery. We email you before every shipment to make sure you do, indeed, need a restock. Just in case, we include a few emergency rolls in every box to remind you to get in touch with us. Drones or no drones, we never want you to run out of TP!

Toilet paper that builds toilets

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