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Having a successful company is fun, but it doesn’t mean much if you spend your money on things like cars and islands. That’s why we donate 50% of our profits to our incredible partner organisations. Doing good is part of our business model, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Where does the money go exactly? Let’s take a trip down the company pipes!

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It all starts with your flush

With our toilet paper, your bum can save the world. When you wipe with us, you’re using your dollars to do good every time you’re in the loo. You (yes, you!) can impact the lives of 2.3 billion people before you even wash your hands! You are gonna wash your hands, though, right?


Wait, my bum can do good?

Sure can! Loos, dunnys, johns – no matter what you call them, even the most simple latrine is a proven tool to protect people from serious illness. Yet, 1 in 3 people don't have access to any kind of toilet.

To put it into perspective, a child under five dies every two minutes from diarrhoeal diseases caused by poor water and sanitation. That’s why we’re so passionate about what we do. It’s a whole lot more than just toilet paper.

Meet our friends

We’re toilet people, but we’re certainly not experts. Those are our charity partners! We’ve chosen these particular organisations because we knew our dollars would have the greatest reach in their hands. Working with a multitude of high-impact partners, in the world’s most underserved regions, means we’re one wipe closer our ultimate goal: toilets for everyone!

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The writing’s on the stall

We’d love to introduce you to some of the folks who appreciate your flush.


For 60 years, Loth Sothy’s parents wanted a toilet. Thanks to WaterAid, their dream became a reality. Pictured here are Loth Sothy’s kids – the first generation in her family to grow up with a toilet.


This is Emmanuel. He washes his hands beautifully because he grew up with a Lwala sanitation advocate in his home! His mum, Ellen, made it her goal to get their village, Nyangweta, recognized as Open Defecation Free by the Kenyan Ministry of Health. Since this past August, her mission’s complete!


Sophany and Sreymom are sisters who are raising their super cute kiddos together. Each toddler uses one of WaterSHED’s HappyChild potties, making clean-up hygienic and simple. Did you know that children's poop actually has more dangerous pathogens than adult waste? It’s one of the many reasons early access to sanitation is so important!


“We didn’t use the bathrooms before because they were in bad shape and dirty. We didn't have water. But now, everything is easier. We have water!” - Belki, 12


Meet certified superstar, Ada Luz. She took WaterAid’s mason training and is building toilets like nobody’s business in her hometown of Arenas Blancas, Nicaragua. Thanks to her hard work, families have access to proper sanitation and children can drink clean water from their faucets! These days, Ada Luz helps teach masonry to folks in nearby communities.

Partner Spotlight

Say hello to Sanergy

Based in Nairobi Kenya, Sanergy provides bold, sanitation solutions for booming cities. They build and franchise toilets to city residents who pay a subscription for the toilet and professional waste collection services. After the toilets are installed, the waste is collected regularly and brought to their processing site for treatment and conversion into agricultural inputs – predominantly nutrient-dense organic fertilizer and insect-based animal feed.

They are serving 90,000 urban residents with safe sanitation and nearly 1,000 farmers high quality agricultural inputs. The whole system facilitates clean water, strong communities and sustainable sources of income. Amazing, isn’t it? And it all started because of three friends who cared a whole lot about toilets.

In her TED Talk, Sanergy Co-founder Lindsay Stradley does a pretty incredible job of shining a light on life without proper sanitation. She also offers a number of suggestions on how the average Joe (or Joan) can help!

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And we’re just getting started! Keep an ear out for our big donation in June.


This flush is on us

We won’t shut up shop until the whole world has access to a toilet, but we’ve still got a long way to go. That’s where you come in! When you send a new pal our way, we’ll give each of you $10 off of your next orders. The more people we’re able to reach, the more good we can do. Guess you could say we put our money where our loo is.

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Keep the conversation going by talkin’ the potty talk with your friends! Or walk the potty walk by stocking up on our toilet paper. Just don’t dance the potty dance. That looks silly.

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