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The Happy Edition Gift Guide

It’s no secret that we love giving. Giving a chuckle, giving to charity partners... even giving high fives! That’s why we’re sharing our top gifts in the categories that matter most.

Reduce, Reuse, Regift

Celebrate the season by getting rid of single use plastics! These are gifts that keep on giving– to your loved ones and to the planet. Our favorite earth-friendly gift? Our toilet paper! But that was probably obvious...



Keep your KeepCup close and your friends closer... by giving them a KeepCup, of course.

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The Final Straw

Protect the planet and keep your upper lip dry! What else could you want?

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Seed & Sprout Lunch Box

After so much eco-conscious gifting, everyone deserves a thoughtfully packaged snack!

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Reusable Grocery Bags

Caught in the supermarket without your bags? We wouldn’t wish that kind of humiliation on anyone.

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Kitchen Compost Bin

Super convenient and easy to clean, this bin is well suited for any kitchen!

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The Happy Edition TP

The best toilet paper for joyful bums.

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Toilet Humour

Toilets are incredible! They keep us healthy and they make us laugh. Share the love of the loo with your friends and family! Of course, we think an order of toilet paper pairs perfectly with any of these presents.


Toilet Mug

Skip a step; put your coffee directly in a toilet! Too much? Sorry.

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Potty Putter Toilet Time

We would hope every trip to the bathroom is a hole in one.

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OxFam Pig Manure

So much more useful than whatever crap your Aunt Carol’s bringing.

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Toilet Fishing Game

Forget your phone, fishing is the best way to kill time in the loo.

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What’s Your Poo Telling You?

Become fluent in poo! Now when your poop pays you a compliment, you’ll understand.

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Happy Greeting Cards

Don’t wipe with these, okay?

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For Cat People

There are people, and then there are Cat People. We have quite a few on staff and somehow they hacked into our gift guide! While we’re here, you should know our boxes make excellent kitty scratching posts!


Crafting with Cat Hair

Turns out there’s a lot more you can do than just braid it.

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Dancing with Cats

Cats are terrible dancers, but please don’t tell them we said that.

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How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You

Spoiler alert: they are.

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Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats

A cat that enjoys inflatable accessories? Now that’s a real mythical creature.

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Cat Taco Bed

Taco ‘bout an amazing gift!

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Premium 100% Bamboo TP

All of the luxury, none of the trees

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