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We used to believe in monogamy

One charity partner kind of people. But then we got to thinking – is there really such thing as 'the one'? So we started looking. Just casually at first, but then things started getting serious. There are a lot of good looking organisations out there.

As you know, we've been in a relationship with WaterAid Australia for the past five years. So we told them we wanted to talk...

Everyone, Meet Sanergy

We know it’s a little soon, but we’d like you to meet our new partner. Sanergy is one of our favourite organisations in the loo world. They build and franchise toilets to clean up Nairobi’s slums, and then collect and convert the waste into agricultural products for Kenya’s farmers. We’ll tell you more in a moment, but we wanted everyone to meet first.


/ ,toilit rəprəˈnər/ noun

A totally made up word for a person who organises and operates a toilet business or businesses. Otherwise known as a total legend.

Doing Good Business

You might not know this, but the lack of loos and unhygienic sanitation is the second largest cause of disease in the world. This is exacerbated in the slums of Nairobi, where 2 million people live within 40 square kilometers – this is a tight squeeze!

Sanergy build low-cost, high-quality Fresh Life Toilets and then franchise them out to local toiletrepreneurs who they call Fresh Life Operators. They buy and operate the toilets to make a living – drumming up business and making sure they’re clean.

Giving Waste an Afterlife

Sanergy makes great toilets, and we love them for that. But they don’t stop there. They actually collect the waste from every one of their hundreds of toilets throughout the week, and they turn it into useful agricultural products like fertiliser and animal feed, which they sell to Kenyan farmers.

They are trying to turn human waste into money. Think about that for a moment. It’s crazy, it’s exciting. It’s way better than sliced bread. No one else has really been able to do this, and if Sanergy are successful, this will go incredibly far to solving sanitation problems around the world.


So you get it by now, Sanergy are great. That’s why we’ve donated $50,000 towards their work. It’s been love at first toilet.

2.4 billion people still don’t have access to a dunny.

The more innovative solutions we have, the quicker we’ll have toilets for everyone. That’s why we want to hook up with as many incredible partners as possible. We have a bunch of organisations we’re excited about donating to, but we’ll tell you more about them later in the year.

We're working towards $1 million in donations

If all goes well at Crap HQ, we’re hoping our total donations at the end of the financial year will reach $1million!!! How will this happen? According to the spreadsheet, if we can sell 3 bazillion tonnes of toilet paperzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Spreadsheets are boring

What’s not boring is sharing your favourite toilet paper company with everyone you know. We can only get to $1million by more people buying loo roll. So let’s go!

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