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(this is a blank page template called "page.bulma_trigger-the-new-nav.liquid". The new nav shows on any pages with the word "bulma" in the name, because when we were looking at using bulma as a foundation for new pages, we couldn't use the old nav/footer, so we needed to tell the theme.liquid file to load the new nav)

This is a test.

  • Note the new header
  • The header displays when the word "bulma" is in the template name
  • The page only loads bulma, none of the huge old css file
  • Ultimately this worked okay, but we only ever did a landing page or two, we didn't start on rebuilding the basic structure of the site
  • We can at least use the new header if we want, I believe it's a completely portable component, so like 1 html file, 1 js file, 1 css file that contains everything it needs.

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