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Could toilet paper get more fun?
No it can't. We checked and it's impossible!

48 rolls 12 designs to colour Premium 100% bamboo toilet paper
50% of profits donated to help build toilets


*Note packaging may differ from what's shown here, as we're transitioning to new wrapper designs. Sorry, no swapsies - click here for more info


The Colouring Edition

48 double-length rolls - $0.00

  • 12 limited edition wrappers to colour in
  • Extra loooong 370 sheet rolls
  • 100% super soft premium bamboo
  • Voted #1 most mindful thing to do in the bathroom*
*by us

Arty farty schmarty

Our most serious limited edition ever

We take our limited editions very seriously. So much so, we found the most serious artist we could and asked him to explore the emotional journey of a toilet paper roll. Please, please, colour the rainbow vomiting toilets in between the lines. Nah, we’re kidding, live life outside the lines! Red goes with pink, baby!

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Coloured pencils not included, soz!

A word from Roy G. Biv

Violet and the gang are pumped about helping you give this packaging another life. Some ideas include; wrapping paper, fridge art, useless napkins, origami practice and fancy schmancy lists. If 48 wrappers aren’t enough for your creative vision, you can download more to print and colour at home!

Meet Jon Burgerman

Not only does Jon have an amazing name that makes us hungry, but he’s also a leading figure in the doodle art world. He’s created colouring in books, a picture book, exhibited around the world and even had his work in the White House. And soon, in your house too.

Ok Picasso, show us what you’ve got!

True creativity waits for no one. So while your order is ticking along, get colouring right here.

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Brush size:
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The latest thing to hit the art world

“This range propels the viewer to challenge his or her own perceptions of the world while simultaneously pulling them back to reveal one’s own ridiculousness.” - Who Gives A Crap

Your bathroom needs this
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