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Pay What You Want This Earth Day!!

(Yes, really!)

This Saturday is Earth Day. It’s our favourite day of the year because it’s a chance to celebrate ol’ Mama Nature and think about our impact on the environment. With over 93% of Aussies still wiping their bums with trees, we’re trying to switch as many people as possible to recycled loo roll. That’s why from April 19th-22nd (or until we run out!), we’re letting you pay what you want for your first subscription box of our toilet paper. You can pay a lot or a little—it’s up to you!



You pick the price and we’ll kick off your subscription by delivering 48 double-length rolls of super soft, recycled loo roll straight to your door. Let us know how often you want it delivered, then give yourself a high five. It’s such an easy way to do good for people and the planet. Subsequent deliveries will be billed at the usual $48 price but never fear—you can cancel any time.

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Questions you may be asking yourself

Why is recycled toilet paper better for the planet?

And no, recycled doesn't mean toilet paper you’ve already used – gross! We use 100% post consumer waste paper (think old books and office paper). Not only does it stop trees being chopped down, but it uses less water and creates less C02 emissions.

Pay what I feel? Really?!

Yup! You can pay more or less than the usual price of $48. It’s up to you. We have put a minimum though, just to make sure we don’t go out of business! If you’re feeling generous and are wanting to pay more than the usual amount – you’re a wonderful human. This means we’ll be able to donate even more money to help build toilets.

But I feel like paying nothing

Hey tight arse, go steal some toilet paper from work.

What happens after my first box?

When you sign up, you choose how often you want your loo roll delivered. We’ll send you an email 3 days before your next delivery ships in case you want to make any changes. After your ‘pay what you feel first box’, you’ll be charged the normal price of $48 on subsequent deliveries. Don’t worry, you can cancel or edit your subscription any time.

Help! I have commitment issues!

Get some rest and keep up your fluids. And as we mentioned above, you can cancel anytime.

What if I'm already a subscriber?

First, thank you. You’re the best! Unfortunately, this offer is for new subscribers only. Earth Day is only once a year, so we’re trying to get as many people as possible to switch to a more sustainable option. And you’ve already nailed that old thang. Wanna help us even more? Spread the word!

What else do I need to know?

Hmmm, let’s see. This can’t be combined with any other offers, so no discount codes will be accepted. This is for a 48 roll toilet paper subscription only (no paper towels, tissues, 24 box or premium), and the pay what you want offer is valid for only one box per customer. We reserve the right to cancel orders that violate these terms. Also, there’s a limited quantity, so if we sell out before April 22nd, soz in advance! And lastly, the capital of Uganda is Kampala.

Let's save some trees!

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Woah, we've sold out!

Holy crap, turns out paying what you want is crazy popular! We’ve sold out of the boxes we put aside for Earth Day, but that’s ok because you can still buy our loo roll at our normal (and great value!) price. Press the button. Go on, it’s probably the best rectangle you’ve ever seen.

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This promotion only applies to orders of toilet paper (not tissues or paper towels) from new customers. Offer expires 22 April. Can’t be combined with any other discount.

Got it 👍