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Yes, toilets. We all love them, but 2 out of every 5 people in the world don’t have access to one. We won’t get into all the reasons that’s bad—instead, we’ll share some good news. By donating 50% of our profits to WaterAid Australia, we've now raised enough money that approximately 120,000 people could gain access to a toilet for a year.*

*Curious about how we calculate this? Check out our FAQ for more detailed information.


A decade ago, Fatima was hit by a car and lost both of her legs. She spent months in the hospital, but physical wounds were just the beginning. Back home in the mountains, Fatima was unable to perform the most routine tasks, like gathering wood and cooking. Walking to the nearest toilet was almost impossible.

Not long ago, a team from WaterAid Australia trekked up the mountain to find Fatima. The WaterAid Australia team spent a great deal of time with Fatima and her family, showing them that with the right support she could return to the ways of life she knew before the accident. They helped build a handicap-friendly stove, helped her find an affordable prosthetic leg and rehabilitation, and (this is where we get excited), helped build a toilet within her home. As you can imagine, it was transformative—she is once again able to help her family and take care of herself.

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We make our loo roll with paper fibres from old school and office papers. Not only does using recycled paper save trees, but it saves heaps of energy and water as well. We also keep our paper-making process free of chlorine, inks, dyes and scents to improve our environmental footprint even further.


We use a blend of bamboo and sugarcane in our tissues to make them super strong and super soft. Bamboo is one of the most renewable resources we know, reaching harvest-size in just a few months, and the sugarcane we use is a byproduct from the sugar production process.

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