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Who Gives A Crap “#FlushLikeAGrownUp” UGC Competition Terms

Last Updated July 2023


This offer gives entrants who have posted an eligible entry the chance to win one years’ supply of toilet paper (Prize) during the Competition Period (Competition). 

a). Competition Period means between 12.01am on 5th July 2023 AEDT and 11.59pm on 20th July 2023 AEDT. 
b). Entrant or You means someone over 18 years old that lives in Australia, United States or the United Kingdom and enters the Competition (and where our products can be delivered to);
c). Prize means a unique discount code for the value of 3 x 48 boxes of our recycled toilet paper. A total of 3 prizes are available across 3 geos (Australia, USA, UK) based on where the entrant lives at the time of entering. The value of the discount code excludes shipping. The discount code has a 12 month expiry period from the date of issue.The value of the discount code is AUD180, GBP132, USD186
d). Who Gives A Crap means Good Goods Pty Ltd ACN 154 870 452 trading as Who Gives A Crap. Who Gives A Crap is the sole promoter
e). Eligible entry means a video which has been filmed and uploaded as per the description in the How to Enter as detailed below. 
f). Winning entry means an entry as described in the How the Winner is selected as detailed below
    How to enter
    To enter the Competition, Entrants must upload a video of their child answering all the following questions: ‘Do you have a favourite potty word?, What goes in the toilet? What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve flushed down your toilet? Do trees go in the toilet? What do you think of grown ups who put trees in the toilet?’. Entrants are required to upload the video to Instagram or TikTok using the hashtag #FlushLikeAGrownUp and tag us @whogivesacraptp to enter for a chance to win.


    How the Winner is selected 
    a). Who Gives A Crap will decide the winners of the Prizes (“Winners”) in its sole discretion based on a subjective opinion of which entry is the most hilarious. Who Gives A Crap’s decision is final.
    b). The Competition is a game of skill and there is no element of chance in deciding the Winners. 
    c). Who Gives A Crap will contact the Winners on the 25th July 2023 AEDT via direct message (“Judging Date”).
    d). Who Gives A Crap will announce the Winners on their official social media channels on the 31st of July 2023 AEDT.  
    e). The Winners agree that Who Gives A Crap or their promotional partners can re-publish the Winners’ names and Entries on their website and social media platforms for an unlimited time. Who Gives A Crap will not pay the Winners for this. 

      Receiving the Prize

      a). Who Gives A Crap will deliver the Prize to the Winners by email

      b). To redeem the Prize, the Winners must:

      a. give Who Gives A Crap a valid email and;

      b. sign any disclaimers or agreements required by Who Gives A Crap.

      c). Who Gives A Crap is not responsible for:

      a. any delay in delivering the Prizes to the Winners; or
      b. any damage caused to the Prizes during transit or delivery.

        If a Winner does not respond to Who Gives A Crap via response to the direct message and provide a valid email address within five (5) business days of the request, that Winner forfeits their Prize.

        a). You can enter the Competition once on either platform.  
        b). Any Prizes that are not allocated during the Competition Period will be forfeited. 
        c). The Prize is non-transferrable and cannot be exchanged for cash, credit or any other product/service of Who Gives A Crap. 
        d). The Competition is in no way authorised, sponsored or associated with Instagram or TikTok
        e). Entrants must adhere to the Terms of Use of Instagram and/or TikTok
        Who Gives A Crap will not compensate a Winners (or Winners) if the Prize becomes unavailable for any reason or if a Winner (or Winners) cannot use the Prize. 
        f). Subject to applicable laws, the Competition and Prize may be varied, updated or terminated at any time.
        g). You must also comply with Who Gives A Crap’s terms and conditions that apply to the Prize. 
        h). Subject to any laws, you release Who Gives A Crap from all liability arising out of the Prize.

          All information collected as part of this Competition will be used in accordance with our privacy policy, which can be found here (AU), here (US) and here (UK).

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