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Be the Shakespeare of your bathroom

With so many words and so many rolls, the possibilities are bottomless
Three rolls of colourful toilet paper with the text "magic toilet unicorns" written on their wrappers
3 words per roll, 48 unique words to play with

Speak from the bum

You don't have to be a poet to express yourself in this limited edition. With 48 unique words in every box, you can tell the world (or at least your bathroom) how much you love toilet unicorns and smell like a spicy banana. Lovely!
50% of profits donated
50% of profits donated
13.9 million donated and counting  (AUD)
13.9 million donated and counting (AUD)

A haiku to the loo

Photo by Splash (Shivam Pandey)
Fact: toilets have saved More lives than any other Modern invention That's why we donate 50% of profits to clean water and sanitation organisations, so communities all over the world can have access.
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Photo by Splash (Shivam Pandey)
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