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Where’s The Loo is back!

Can you find the new hidden toilet?

Sold Out

There’s a new hidden baño on this wrapper. Can you find it?

Pop in those contacts, grab a magnifying glass or use your hawk-like vision to find the lost loo. With twelve unique wrapper illustrations, you’ll be searching all over the world from the comfort of your favourite seat.

Made with 100% bamboo

Carbon neutral shipping

50% of profits donated to charity

Hours Spent Searching

    Finding a toilet isn’t always so easy. We created this limited edition to shed light on the billions of people who lack access to a dignified loo. Toilets help keep communities from getting sick, provide a safe space for feminine hygiene, dispose of waste and so much more. That’s why we donate half our profits to fund sanitation projects around the world. While you hunt for our lost loo, you’re helping others gain access to a loo, too. Nice!
    We’re not so keen on cutting down trees just to make toilet paper, which is why these fancy rolls are made from 100% bamboo (just like our premium rolls). Fun fact – bamboo is not a tree, but a super fast growing grass, making it the perfect material for toilet paper. Every day, over 1 million trees are cut down to make traditional toilet paper. Eek! But don’t worry these eco-friendly rolls are helping to reduce deforestation one sheet at a time.

    - 48 fun-derful rolls of toilet paper

    - 370 10 x 10 cm sheets per roll

    - Comfy and strong 3-ply

    - Biodegradable

    - A-ok for septic tanks *but check with the tank manufacturer if you're not sure

    - One hidden loo on each wrapper

So you’ve been thinking...

    We think toilet paper can do amazing things all year ‘round – things like help reduce deforestation and build toilets for those in need. But occasionally we like to make our toilet paper feel super duper special by partnering with artists to create themed loo rolls that bring the spirit of the loo to life!
    Long story short, we have to wrap our rolls in something to keep them moisture-free and hygienic. We could wrap 6 rolls together (that’s the limit), but we’d need to use a much thicker paper. The net paper used (by weight) to wrap a 6 pack in heavy duty paper vs. six individual rolls in the thin tissue paper we use is effectively the same. It’s either this or plastic — and we hate plastic.
    No. While that would look cool, we wouldn’t want anyone wiping their bum with inks or dyes.
    The amazingly talented Owen Lindsay created each unique wrapper. We seriously couldn’t have brought this to life without him and he deserves a massive high five and maybe check out all the other great work he’s done:
    Ah, well there’s so much more than just a hidden loo. There are rock bands, greek gods and so much more on our wrappers. Give us a shout on social if you can find all of these hidden gems!
    - Pizza rat
    - Frozen T-rex
    - Centaurus
    - Space seagull
    - Lost delivery man
    - River dolphin volleyball
    - Jump roping mummies
    - Hippo toothbrush
    - Zeus’s bullseye
    - Man-spider
    - All of our charity partner
    - Famous corgis
    - An Ox
    - Melted ice hockey players
    - Tree with terrific eyebrows
    - A waving macaque
    - The great butt in the sky
    - TP treasure chest
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